Tree house hotel in the US: Post Ranch Inn Treehouses

Nestled on the cliffs of Big Sur, Cal. the Post Ranch tree house hotel is made of free-standing structures built on stilts 9 feet off the forest floor.

Nestled on the cliffs of Big Sur, California, the Post Ranch tree houses are free-standing structures built on stilts nine feet off the forest floor with a stairway to each entrance. Triangular in shape, each room features a bed, window seat, desk, fireplace, and skylight to watch the stars from bed.

The rooms of this tree house hotel offers a luxurious opportunity for anyone who has ever dreamed of sleeping in the trees. With endless views of the Pacific Ocean in one direction and mountains in the other, the rest of the world seems blissfully far away at Post Ranch.

Free perks include full breakfast and loaner cars, as well as yoga, meditation and star-gazing classes. Other amenities include a spa with 2 cliff-top infinity pools, a swimming pool and a fitness center. Post Ranch Inn also features a polished restaurant offering ocean-view dining.

The Post Ranch Inn Treehouses can be booked here from $1,225/night.

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