Treehotels in Sweden: Overview

Located in the tall pine forest with spectacular views of the Lule River valley, Treehotel's ultra-modern tree houses blend cutting-edge architecture and design with home comforts.

Staying in a hotel in Northern Sweden doesn’t have to be a run-of-the-mill experience thanks to the Treehotel – a group of unusual tree houses that are up or rent in Harads. The concept of the Treehotel was inspired by the film “The Tree Lover” by Jonas Selberg Augustsen, and brought to life by some of Scandinavia’s leading architects.

Treehotel is located in the tall pine forest with spectacular views of the Lule River. All of the rooms are suspended approximately 4-6 meters (13-20 feet) above the ground with wonderful views of the Lule River, and are accessible by ramp, bridge, or electric stairs.

Each room is unique. Not only the architecture but also its furniture, lighting and fabrics are custom designed. The rooms vary in size between 15-30 m², with the largest rooms accommodating up to four people. The daily operations as well as the tree room’s construction are environmentally friendly, aimed to have minimal impact on nature. That’s why each room has modern, environmentally-friendly combustion toilets and water-efficient sinks.

One of the units, The Mirrorcube, has a mirror clad exterior, resulting in what appears to be a floating glass cube that reflects the blue sky and surrounding trees. Other designs include The Cabin, The UFO, The Blue Cone, The Bird’s Nest and the 52 square meters Dragonfly with its huge conference table which can seat 12 people. The founders of Treehotel, Britta and Kent, pride themselves on having provided a sustainable design concept that is matched by an eco-friendly hotel experience. They even have a Tree Sauna!

All Treehotel’s treehouses can be booked here. Lock in a great price today for your upcoming stay and get instant confirmation with FREE cancellation on most rooms with From $545/night (for 2 guests) to $835/night (for 2-4 guests).

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