Treehouse Hotel in Finland: Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Offering an authentic slice of Lapland's culture roughly 800 miles from Helsinki into the Arctic Circle, Arctic TreeHouse Hotel will transport guests straight into a picturesque Christmas scene only usually seen on cards and calendars

Head north roughly 800 miles from Helsinki into the Arctic Circle and that is where the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel can be found. Offering an authentic slice of Lapland’s values and culture in the town of Rovaniemi, this magical place will transport guests straight into a picturesque Christmas scene only usually seen on cards and calendars! Though of course, it is not just festivity that this hotel has to offer.

The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is surrounded by a lush pine forest and the treehouse suites are built up to such a height as to crest the treetops and offer guests fantastic views of the wilderness. In fact, one of the main features of the treehouse suites is the huge window comprising the whole front wall of the accommodation, providing a panorama unlike no other. It is not just the unbelievable landscape but the Arctic skies that are truly a sight to behold. Lay back and take in the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun from the comfort of your bed.

With 60 different rooms to choose from at the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, guests are going to be blown away whichever one they book! Each treehouse provides a unique blend of luxury comfort in the heart of Arctic nature, local Lappish traditions, and modern Scandinavian design. Nature is nurtured here; treehouses with green roofs are built in-situ using sustainable materials, eco showers have restricted hot water, and hideaways are heated using natural gas, while the main building runs on solar energy. It is a real treat to have such luxury accommodation crafted and run in such a way that you do not feel as though you are encroaching on the surroundings.

Most of the rooms at the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel are for two guests, though an extra bed or two can be added into many of the treehouses. Rates are upwards of €250 per night, though they do vary depending on the time of year and chosen treehouse.

Photo © Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

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