Treehouse in Australia: Wollemi Wilderness Treehouse

Nestled amongst 600 acres of nature and incredible scenery, the Wollemi Wilderness Treehouse feature windows spanning from floor to ceiling, giving guests an uninterrupted view of the spectacular world heritage Blue Mountains bushland 

The Wollemi Wilderness Treehouse is a real treat for those seeking a getaway to be surrounded by nature and incredible scenery. This treehouse is one of the accommodation options at the Love Cabins, whose unique constructions are designed with couples in mind. All the cabins are nestled amongst 600 acres of spectacular world heritage Blue Mountains bushland and it really feels as though you are the only people in the world when you check into the treehouse here.

Often, treehouse accommodation has essential amenities but requires guests to go to another location for added extras. Not so at the Wollemi Wilderness Treehouse. This cabin includes all the living space you would expect and more, plus a kitchenette and its own spa! The windows span from floor to ceiling, giving guests an uninterrupted view of the rare Blue Mountains rain forest. It barely feels as though you are contained within a house, but rather sitting among the branches of the trees themselves, completely at one with nature. With no WiFi in the treetops and intermittent cell phone signal, relaxation and appreciation of the surroundings are the only options here, and what enchanting options they are.

It is hard to believe that the Wollemi Wilderness Treehouse is just an hour or so away from Sydney. The secluded retreat feels like it is worlds away from the bright lights of the city. If guests wish to head out with a backpack and trek through the rainforest, the treehouse is the perfect home to return to at the end of the day to watch the sunset and listen to the wildlife’s daily routines. However, if the aerial view of the forest is more to your taste, it will simply never get boring no matter how much time is spent on the rustic decking enjoying it.

Rates for the Wollemi WIlderness Treehouse start from €230 per night and it is available for couples only. Weekend breaks require a 2-night minimum booking, though single nights are available during the week.

Photo © Lovecabins Pty Ltd

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