Treehouse in Canada: Kabania

The treehouses at Kabania are not aiming for high-end luxury, but offer instead a fun and adventurous kind of camping in Quebec with gorgeous forest offering many hiking trails to escape from the stresses of everyday life

Kabania is the ideal place to escape from the stresses of everyday life. The setting and the treehouses themselves encourage guests to slow down and appreciate the quieter times in life. The opportunity to relax does not mean that one must simply sit around all day though. Kabania offers many activities that will soothe the soul and replenish one’s energy! The gorgeous forest offers many hiking trails, guests can go tubing on the river, take a swim, or participate in beach volleyball! There are also books and hammocks a-plenty for those who would like to relax in a more traditional way.

The treehouses at Kabania are not aiming for high-end luxury. Instead, they offer a fun and adventurous kind of camping, which is not unusual for treehouses in Canada. Guests can forget that other people exist in the world from the first moment of arrival. No staff man a desk, just a pouch containing the key to your home affixed to a tree-bark keychain, and a map. It is a seven-minute walk on a sandy trail through a dense forest of moss-covered spruce, with rubber-wheeled carts provided to haul luggage, bedding, and food.

On entry to one of Kabania’s treehouses, guests will find a double bed on the ground floor, and two singles tucked into a mezzanine above. Large windows let in the light and give the sense of sleeping in the trees. To complete the camping experience, there is no running water, electricity, or toilets at the cabins themselves, but this does not detract from the comfort whatsoever. Kabania’s motto is “why limit yourself to five stars when you can enjoy millions of them?” Communal areas contain both bathroom and kitchen facilities.

The design of Kabania has achieved an exciting mixture of exotic blended with ecological. The whole construction included as many natural materials from the surroundings as possible, and renewable energy is utilized throughout. Rates here start at €50 per night, and a two-night minimum booking is required for weekend stays.

Photos © Kabania

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