Treehouse in Canada: Owl’s Perch Treehouse

Nestled between large cedars and a giant maple almost 9 meters off the ground, the Owl's Perch Treehouse will trick you into thinking you are staying in the canopy itself, as a clear view of the gorgeous trees can be seen from every point within

Taking a holiday in the Owl’s Perch Treehouse is definitely not for the faint-hearted. For a start, it stands almost 9 meters off the ground. Guests must climb up 50 steps to get to the entrance, and the loft bedroom is only accessible via a ladder. However, if all of this sounds like a dream come true, this treehouse will completely take one’s breath away. The house is nestled between large cedars and a giant maple. It looks simply stunning; the rich color of the finished wood of the house stands out from the forest, yet simultaneously compliments it perfectly.

As guests ascend the last few steps to enter the Owl’s Perch Treehouse, one noted feature of the house is the windows. The front door is a large pane of glass, to the left of the door the whole wall is a window, and above the door is a further huge window. This list is not exhaustive either! It is clear that the main goal of this house is to trick guests into thinking they are staying in the canopy itself, as a clear view of the gorgeous trees can be seen from every point within. There are even incredible framed photographs of the majestic trees as decor inside. From the delightful front porch, guests are afforded views across the Salish Sea to the Olympic National Park mountains on the opposite shore. Those needing a break from civilization could not pick a more perfect spot for a holiday.

Though it feels rather isolated, Owl’s Perch Treehouse is only a few minutes from Sooke city center. Plenty of beaches are easy to reach within a short drive, and of course, there are many hiking trails to choose from in the forest. There are also other residences in the area, though you would never believe it from the privacy of this wonderful treehouse in Canada.

Rates for a night in Owl’s Perch Treehouse start at €250 and can be booked through AirBnB.

Photos © Owl’s Perch Treehouse / AirBnB

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