Treehouse in Canada: Refuge Perchés Mont-Tremblant

All 20 unique, completely off-the-grid treehouses at the Refuge Perchés Mont-Tremblant have a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind design that blends into the natural environment while offering some spectacular sunset views over the lakes

Refuge Perchés Mont-Tremblant has 20 unique, completely off-the-grid treehouses for guests to choose from. These treehouses in Canada are divided into two distinct sections, on the east and west side of the Lac du Cordon. Though they all have a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind design, each one blends into the natural environment so as to minimize the impact of the resort on its surroundings. This similarity ties the whole resort together wonderfully and creates the feeling that a special village has been created among the trees here.

All of the treehouses at Refuge Perchés Mont-Tremblant have been built with a southern orientation in order to maximize the sunlight that they capture each day. It also makes for some spectacular sunsets over the lakes, which seem to seep into the houses themselves thanks to the abundance of windows in each cabin. With the only access to these treehouses being on foot, it makes for an incredibly tranquil environment, devoid of the usual sounds of traffic and civilization. This resort, therefore, provides the perfect chance to escape.

On the east side of the lake at Refuge Perchés Mont-Tremblant, the treehouses all sit close to the water’s edge. In warmer months, guests can easily have a refreshing dip in the water whenever the mood takes them. The walk to get to these cabins is easy to manage for the majority of guests, the closest being just 10 minutes from the reception area. That being said, it is still easier to transport one’s luggage via canoe, which takes about 8 minutes only. It is the perfect excuse to get the adventure started straight away!

Around the west side of the lake at Refuge Perchés Mont-Tremblant, the treehouses take a little over 20 minutes to walk to. They are all built on higher ground, so it is more of a challenging trail to get to them. Guests will really feel as they have earned their holiday when they check into their chosen house, and can immediately relax with all home comforts provided.

Rates at Refuge Perchés Mont-Tremblant start from €85 and a minimum of 2 nights is required.

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