Treehouse in France: Les Cabanes de Labrousse

Les Cabanes de Labrousses treehouses are located in one of the most stunning areas of Ardeche in Southern France, with the river gorges weaving their way between the mountains, and have been designed to bring nature in and allow guests to feel as though they are part of the canopy

The treehouses at Les Cabanes de Labrousse have been designed to bring nature in and allow guests to feel as though they are part of the trees themselves. With no running water or electricity, these treehouses encourage guests to leave their stressful, hectic lives well behind them and reconnect with both the natural world and each other during a stay here. There are no distractions from the usual mod cons that run our lives. All one can do here is accept the peace, take in the surroundings, and recharge. In other words, one can have the perfect, relaxing holiday.

The resort Les Cabanes de Labrousses has 8 different treehouses. They vary in size a little, with some sleeping up to five guests and some for couples only. Due to the means of access for some of the huts, and the layout of others, some only accept adults. Hut Ecureuil, Hibou Hut, and Renard Hut are probably for the most adventurous, with each having access by rope ladders. Clambering up into the treetops this way really does recreate childhood dreams!

Wooden stairways lead up into the other treehouses at Les Cabanes de Labrousses, and they are a little more spacious than the first three. The Castor Family Hut is made up of 2 cabins that share a terrace. The larger one is for the parents and has a double bed, while the other has bench beds and is ideal for children. Two further treehouses can sleep up to 5 people, so are also ideal for families.

Every morning the adorable mule of Les Cabanes de Labrousse brings breakfast to the treehouses. This makes guests feel as though they have truly left civilization far behind them!

The area of the Ardeche where Les Cabanes de Labrousses is located in one of the most stunning areas of Southern France. The river gorges that weave their way between the mountains are a must for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts, while the Ray-Pic waterfall tumbles down 60 meters.

Rates for a night at Les Cabanes de Labrousses start from €75 and a minimum stay of two nights is usually required.

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