Treehouse in India: Treehouse Resort Jaipur

Set amidst the abundant forests of Syari Valley in a spot of perfect peace and tranquility, The Tree House Resort in Jaipur was constructed unobtrusively in the forested landscape with luxury in mind

The Treehouse Resort in Jaipur was constructed solely with luxury in mind. The forest in which the treehouses are set is man-made, and this mini reforestation project has created a spot of perfect peace and tranquility. Those lucky enough to book a stay in one of these houses will leave feeling not only relaxed but completely refreshed and ready to join the real world again… grudgingly though of course.

The design of the Treehouse Resort in Jaipur intended to create structures that were unobtrusive in the forested landscape, and in this the resort is successful. The treehouses look as though they are meant to be there, and this is emphasized by the way in which the trees wrap around and through the houses. Each room in each house reminds its occupants that they are living off the ground among the trees and highlights the arboreal nature of the structures in some way, whether that be a perfectly placed window to offer a fantastic view or a branch traversing the room.

If tree branches in the rooms make the Treehouse Resort in Jaipur sound a little too rustic, rest assured that this is far from the case. The trees are beautiful and add to the feeling of peace that permeates the treehouses. The houses are fully air-conditioned so even in the heat and humidity of the Indian forest guests will be comfortable day and night. With a spa and pool on-site, there is no end to the opportunities to pamper oneself!

After checking in, guests may not want to leave the site of the Treehouse Resort in Jaipur until check out. The excellent restaurant on site serving a variety of cuisines makes it easy to stay. However, if you wish to explore the surrounding area hotel staff are happy to assist with excursions to the Syari Valley, Aravalli mountains, or any near-by attractions. In fact, the wonderful staff here will be pleased to help with anything you may need during your stay.

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