Treehouse in Indonesia: Aura House

Nestled along the beautiful Ayung River gorge in Bali, Indonesia, Aura House is a three-story villa entirely made out of locally grown Asper Bamboo and whose terraces give a fantastic perspective of the surrounding Balinese jungle, allowing for many an hour to be spent observing the local flora and fauna

Nestled along the beautiful Ayung River gorge, Aura House is a 3 story villa entirely made out of locally grown Asper Bamboo. This fantastic retreat is located just half an hour from Ubud, the cultural heart and artistic center of the island of Bali, which is also home to the Bambu Indah and Firefly Eco Lodge treehouses. Aura House truly redefines architectural innovation through Balinese craftsmanship. The building is nestled back into the surrounding trees and looks like a magical house from a fairy-tale. It is hard to believe that this is a property that is possible to live in, and can be booked for a holiday in Indonésie! Sometimes dreams can come true.

Aura house is a breathtakingly original space spread out over three floors. It is the perfect getaway for those searching for a place where they can completely disconnect from the world around them. The morning alarm here is gentle light from the sunrise peeking into the room accompanied by sounds of the river rushing below the building. It does not get much more relaxing than this.

The incredible bamboo villa that is Aura House has two private en-suite bedrooms, a large and beautifully furnished living room, a small fully-equipped kitchen, and a private swimming pool. Each of the three floors offers a different view over the surrounding Balinese jungle. The treehouse-like structure also has terraces on each level, which are great for dining, showering, doing yoga, or just hanging out in a hammock. The terraces also give a fantastic perspective of the jungle and allow for many an hour to be spent observing the local flora and fauna.

Aura House is part of the Green Village ecosystem. This is a compound for like-minded individuals seeking a more sustainable and authentic way of living, as an alternative to the stresses of modern society. It has been recognized as one of Bali’s most remarkable sustainable communities. Aura House provides a unique opportunity to be part of this community and experience all it has to offer first hand.

The nightly rate for Aura House starts from €105. This includes breakfast for the first morning of the holiday, tea and coffee facilities, and daily cleaning.

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