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Treehouse in Indonesia: Balangan Vintage Treehouse

Hidden on the South coast of Bali, Balangan Vintage Treehouse offers natural and unique accommodations in a grove of mango & cashew trees, just a short distance to Balangan white sand beach and its swaying coconut trees

Balangan is a hidden and beautiful beach on the South coast of Bali and the Balangan Vintage Treehouse is set back in the forest in this area of the island. The beach itself goes for about 2km and has white sand, swaying coconut trees, and a very gentle, relaxed atmosphere. In other words, it is a total paradise! The lagoon is good for moderate snorkeling and swimming, so the whole area is the perfect spot for a rejuvenating holiday.

The actual location of the Balangan Vintage Treehouse is pretty remote. It used to be an uninhabited forest area, and the owners constructed an eco-friendly treehouse resort within. Only native construction methods and reclaimed timber from old Balinese ships were used to build the structures. Care was taken in the design of all the buildings to ensure they were able to stand in harmony with the natural environment. As much of the native forest as possible were included in the design, with trees growing through walls in some cases, in order to preserve the purity of the teak forest.

When staying in the Balangan Vintage Treehouse, guests will really feel like they are alone in among the trees of this spectacular forest. The walls of the main room feel completely open like the double bed has somehow been placed in the treetops. Everything here is geared towards feeling at one with the forest; even the toilet stands on a mini terrace and gives a view into the trees! Branches are poking through all over and the rest of the installed decor is delightfully vintage and tasteful.

On the main site of the Balangan Vintage Treehouse is a restaurant and also an incredible pool to dip into and cool off. There is definitely no need to leave this little slice of heaven for the duration of your stay. Rates start from €100 per night and this includes breakfast. This treehouse can be booked via Airbnb.

Photo © Balangan Vintage Treehouse / Airbnb

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