Une maison dans les arbres en Indonésie : Hideout Bali

Le Hideout Bali est loin d'être un hôtel de luxe. C'est une escapade pour les amateurs d'aventure'entièrement faite de bambou et totalement discrète par rapport à la nature environnante, nichée sur le bord de la rivière, avec les montagnes pittoresques du volcan Gunung Agung en toile de fond.

The Hideout Bali is a far cry from a fancy hotel. It is an adventure seeker’s getaway, hidden in the Balinese forest in Indonesia. For those that wish to escape from the stresses and crowds of everyday life, these cabins are a dream come true. The resort is hidden in the picturesque mountains of the Gunung Agung volcano and once checked in it is easy to pretend that the rest of the world has ceased to exist. A holiday here allows guests to get off the grid and experience the authentic life of a Balinese village.

To reach the Hideout Bali, one must drive roughly 40 minutes from the city of Ubud, through rice paddy fields with gorgeous forested hills on either side of the road. Hideout Bali is found at the end of a small, winding road. The house is nestled perfectly on the side of the river, and due to its construction entirely of bamboo, it is completely unobtrusive to the surrounding nature.

The bamboo cabin that is the Hideout Bali is a two-story open planned building. On the ground floor are a kitchen area and a living room, equipped with everything one needs to relax including a hammock. The bathroom is outside and open-air, meaning showers are taken under the trees with a view of the sky. The whole of the second floor is a bedroom with large windows overlooking the river. There is no air-conditioning for the cabin, which is no problem as bamboo is an excellent natural regulator of temperature. It also means the natural surroundings are not interrupted by the constant hums and whirs of air-con units.

Hideout Bali does not have a TV and though there is WiFi it is slow and spotty. The point of being here is to reconnect with oneself and the beautiful surroundings. The lack of technology only enhances this opportunity. Rates for a night here start from €150 per night and can be booked via Airbnb.

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