Treehouse in Indonesia: Omah Kayu

Built up in pine trees more than 1300 meters above sea level, the Omah Kayu treehouse resort provides a breathtaking view on the surrounding green mountains of Mount Banyak and the city of Batu lying around 400 meters below

In the local Javanese dialect, Omah Kayu literally means ‘wooden house’, so you know what you get when you book a holiday here. The treehouses at this resort are constructed up in pine trees on Mount Banyak. The location itself is more than 1300 meters above sea level, with the city of Batu lying around 400 meters below, so you can imagine the kind of views you will get from the treehouses here!

The treehouses of Omah Kayu are not equipped to the heights of luxury. In fact, they are more akin to traditional Indonesian housing, though of course, up in the top of a tree! The small bungalow is not much larger than 7 square feet and on the floor is a double mattress with pillows and a blanket. There is electricity, but no WiFi or TV. This is a place for those who really want to keep it simple for a few days and feel at one with their natural surroundings. The cicadas will sing you to sleep each night, though the height of the resort means there are relatively few insects in and around the treehouses.

From the window of the treehouse of Omah Kayu, guests can see the surrounding green mountains and the forest supporting the treehouses of course! However, perhaps the most fascinating thing is the view of the city all those hundreds of meters below. It is an incredible perspective to have on the world. Who needs a TV to watch when the view is as fascinating as it is here? Visitors to the area can pay just to have access to this spot and enjoy the view, though they are not permitted to take photos when guests are occupying the treehouses.

Since the accommodation is, in essence, basic, the room rate is accordingly cheap. Rates start at just €18 per night and the houses are suitable for couples. The rate includes a simple Indonesia breakfast, taken in the resort’s cafe. The bathrooms are also at the main resort’s building.

Photo © Omah Kayu / Trip Advisor

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