Treehouse in Jamaica: Kanopi House Treehouses

The Kanopi House Treehouses are luxury accommodations connected by a series of staircases and jungle-lined walkways and strategically built in the surrounding treetops, on a hill overlooking the famed Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio, Jamaica

The Blue Lagoon is already in itself an incredibly popular tourist spot in Port Antonio, Jamaica. And the Kanopi House Treehouses are some of the only accommodation that looks over this gorgeous area. This is an area that is impossible to photograph from a bad angle. Put simply, it is beautiful. The 55m-deep ‘Blue Hole’ opens to the sea through a narrow funnel but is fed by freshwater springs that come in at a depth of about 40m. As a result, the water changes color through every shade of jade and emerald during the day. Imagine being able to take all this in from luxury accommodation strategically placed in the surrounding treetops.

Built on a hill overlooking the famed Blue Lagoon and connected by a series of staircases and jungle-lined walkways, the Kanopi House Treehouses are each slightly different and unique to one another. Though there is a selection, they are placed around the forest in such a way that guests will feel like they are perfectly secluded. The houses are fantastic; some have open plan living spaces, others are separated into rooms. All have an outdoor deck or some sort of space where guests can sit back, relax, and take in the superb surroundings.

The decor within the Kanopi House Treehouses is a sight to behold. Despite the luxury, the houses feel like they blend into their environment nicely. Wood is everywhere, complimenting the trees themselves. Local designers and handicrafts can be found throughout. There is a focus on keeping the houses as eco-friendly as possible and guests can really feel this during their stay.

Guests of the Kanopi House Treehouses are likely to spend their holiday time feeling rather torn. It is tempting to spend every minute of the day in the fabulous house; however, it is impossible to resist the gorgeous Blue Lagoon and would be rude not to dip in as often as possible when staying so close! A night here starts at €270, though prices vary according to house and season.

Photos © Kanopi House

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