Treehouse in Japan: Hoshinoya Fuji

Hoshinoya Fuji is a Japanese luxury resort that offers an exceptionally accommodating environment perched on the hillside next to Lake Kawaguchi at the base of Mount Fuji and provides guests with services and seasonal pleasures that it has refined over the course of its over 100-year history

Hoshinoya Fuji is nearly hidden by the surrounding woods, located 100 meters up the slope of a mountain. Slender paths meander through a landscape of soil, grass, and tree roots. The air feels fresher thanks to the forest, which shields guests from any hints of civilization. Thanks to the tranquility of the spot and the lack of everyday stresses, one finds the time to notice all the joys that nature has to offer, from the setting and rising sun to the different shades of green illuminated at varying times of the day. Without a doubt, this is the place to come to reconnect and unwind.

Enough cannot be said about the location of Hoshinoya Fuji, which is simply stunning. Perched on the hillside next to Lake Kawaguchi at the base of Mount Fuji, it is one of Japon‘s most breathtaking ‘glamping’ experiences. The 40 ‘cabins’ at Hoshinoya Fuji have been designed as minimalist concrete cubes, with doors that slide open to reveal dramatic views of Mount Fuji through a wall of glass. Living room-style balconies occupy a third of each cabin, blurring the line between interior and exterior. The cabins go for a minimalistic feel, emphasizing the standout features that are the surrounding forest, nearby lake, and impressive mountain on the doorstep.

The interiors of the hillside cabins at Hoshinoya Fuji are a showcase of modern Japanese design at its best. They are serene, natural, minimal, and very white. A cloud-like bed takes center stage. With floor-to-ceiling windows, heated floors, and a full-sized bathroom, they have everything one needs. In fact, a stay here can hardly be aligned with camping at all! However, the cabins are designed to convey the joys of living in nature and staff are always on hand to help guests with such tasks as chopping wood, lighting fires, and smoking their own food.

Rates for a night at Hoshinoya Fuji start from €380 per person per night. Discounts are often offered for longer stays.

Photos © Hoshinoya

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