Treehouse in Norway: Å Auge River Eye Treehouse

Towering six meters above the Tessungåe river that runs down from the great plateau of Norway, Hardangervidda, Å Auge River Eye Treehouse offers a spectacular sight to behold whether on a warm and clear summer's day or on a snowy winter morning

Whether a warm and clear summer’s day or a snowy time in winter, the surroundings of the Å Auge River Eye Treehouse are a spectacular sight to behold. It stands proud among the huge fir trees, one section standing tall on stilts and a further pod wrapped around the huge trunks of the trees. It is an impressive structure indeed, made all the more so by the incredible forest, the crystal clear Tessungåe river running in front, and the tranquility of the environment.

One of the stand-out features of the Å Auge River Eye Treehouse is the huge windows that basically make up the front wall of the building. This allows for an incredible panoramic view of the river and the forest beyond. When living here, guests feel as though they are standing among the very trees themselves while drinking in their surroundings; the man-made structure all but disappears and the trees are all that remain!

The living space within the Å Auge River Eye Treehouse is cleverly designed to grant a generous amount of space. The building does not feel too large if just a couple checks in, though there is space enough to comfortably accommodate families and larger groups. On the lower level are two sleeping alcoves, and upstairs in the mezzanine is a sleeping loft with more impressive windows and a huge skylight to boot. The evening becomes somewhat magical when you can watch the night sky above you before falling asleep.

The terrace of the Å Auge River Eye Treehouse is a wonderful spot to spend time. It feels as though the river runs directly below you as you sit there, encased by the treetops. A further full-sized bed is included out here too, making a perfect bedroom during summer months. The treehouse also has a private riverside tub for that outdoor-spa experience, so guests can soak in the steamy water while taking in the view.

The Sandane Treehouse can be booked via Airbnb, and rates start at €360 per night.

Photos © Å Auge River Eye / Airbnb

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