Treehouse in Norway: PAN Treetop Cabins

Set in the middle of the massive Finnskogen ecological system, PAN Treetop cabins provide a unique opportunity for nature lovers to experience the quiet of the boreal forest, exciting activities, traditional food, and extraordinary animal life

Though people immediately think of fjords and the northern lights when Norvège is mentioned, PAN Treetop Cabins offers the forest and the wilderness as the magnificent aspect of the country. The Taiga, also known as boreal forest or snow forest, is the largest biome on land and covers most of the northern latitude. When entering Finnskogen, you are in the middle of this massive ecological system. The wildlife that can be seen here is nothing less than incredible, and the treehouse cabins of PAN are the best way to enjoy it.

A whole review could be written about the majesty of the forest surrounding PAN Treetop Cabins and its inhabitants. But what really sets these structures apart from other treehouse lodgings is the design and appearance of the cabins themselves. The cabins have received a lot of attention for the unique design and cutting-edge engineering solutions, and have won numerous architecture and design accolades. A winding staircase encased in a wired cylinder leads up to the cabin, which is elevated via further steelworks. The trees themselves have been left free of the structure, so as to preserve and respect them. Indeed, the idea behind the entire project is that if the cabins are removed, there will be no trace that people were ever building or staying here.

PAN Treetop Cabins offers two treehouses. Each sleeps up to six people. The front wall of the triangular building is entirely composed of glass, and it is clear that the view to the forest and beyond is the thing to be celebrated here. Guests feel as though they are perched on the very tops of the trees and the view stretches out over the forest and beyond. It is easy to feel as though you are the only people left in the world when staying here, and the ability to check into these cabins independently with the lack of any reception area enhances this.

Rates for a night at PAN Treetop Cabins start from €400 and do fluctuate according to the day of the week and season.

Photos © Panhytter, As. / Markus Ek @travelsbymarc

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