Treehouse in Norway: The Woodnest Treehouses

Located within walking distance from the town of Odda which boasts stunning waterfalls, emerald fjords, blue glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and amazing nature and hikes to be explore, the Woodnest Treehouses are ideal for a romantic getaway, relaxation, and adventure in the stunning wilderness

The Woodnest Treehouses in Norvège are ideal for a romantic getaway, so it is rather perfect that the reason they came into being is also steeped in romance! “If I ever marry that girl, I will build her a treehouse to propose in” said a shy Norwegian man, who fell in love with a woman from Australia. He did build a treehouse, he did propose, and she did say yes! Sally and Kjartan decided that they should make such a fairy-tale more widely available, and constructed the Woodnest Treehouses for others to enjoy.

The Woodnest Treehouses are definitely a more sturdy affair than the proposal treehouse that Kjartan built! He is an electrician and all-around handyman and personally saw to many aspects of the build. The overall goal in the design of these amazing treehouses was to have guests utter “wow!” both on approach and when stepping inside. The wooden boardwalk approaching the huts allows for a perfect view of the treehouse in its setting. The top half of the walls are only windows, the bottom half intricately patterned woodwork that looks stunning among the wilderness.

Once inside the Woodnest Treehouses, guests are immediately drawn to the windows to take in the incredible view of the surrounding mountains and the fjord flowing below. Not one spot has been neglected on the design of the interiors of the houses either, with fine woodwork and craftsmanship throughout. Comfort oozes from every nook and despite the wonderful surroundings, it will be tempting to spend your entire break inside this fantastic space.

With a half-hour drive of the Woodnest Treehouses is Trolltunga, one of Norway’s most spectacular cliff formations hovering 700 meters above Ringedalsvatnet lake. The town of Odda is also within walking distance, which boasts stunning waterfalls, emerald fjords, blue glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and amazing nature and hikes to be explored. A break at the Woodnest Treehouses allows for escape, connection, relaxation, and adventure – in other words, the perfect holiday.

A night at the Woodnest Treehouses starts from €260.

Photos © Sindre Ellingsen / Tor Hveem for The Woodnest

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