Treehouse in Spain: VIVOOD Landscape Hotel

The suites and villas at the VIVOOD Landscape Hotel have all the amenities of a luxury hotel and everything you need to unwind, with rustic, rocky mountains framing the vista

VIVOOD Landscape Hotel offers so much more than a simple holiday. Staying here opens up the perfect chance to disconnect from everyday stresses and routines, and gives the opportunity to reconnect with both nature and one’s self. This whole space is for adults only, so it really is possible to stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Get away from it all and focus on relaxation and revitalization while also indulging in a bit of luxury.

Nature has put on quite a display in the area surrounding the VIVOOD Landscape Hotel. Rustic, rocky mountains frame the vista, while a rugged forest fills in the gaps. All of the rooms at the resort are designed in such a way as to maximize the view of the incredible wilderness. While relaxing in the accommodation, enjoy the tranquility of the daily rising and setting of the sun, and take in the incredible night sky with little else in the area to obstruct or dim the view.

The architecture of the VIVOOD Landscape Hotel prioritizes proximity to nature while conserving the existing ecosystem of the hillside. For this reason, the units are raised roughly 3 meters above the ground on slender columns that minimize disruption to the existing vegetation. This unique hotel is located near the city of Alicante in Espagne and the modular design blends seamlessly into the rural setting.

Both suites and villas are available at the VIVOOD Landscape Hotel. Each villa has its own fantastic heated infinity pool and private deck. The pools are also ingeniously lined in black so that they reflect their surroundings, like mirrors. The suites are spread out along several nature paths on the side of a mountain to provide a sense of isolation. Many of these have their own private sun decks and hot tubs. There is no doubt that this hotel provides the perfect chance to completely unwind and find peace.

Rates for a night at the VIVOOD Landscape Hotel start from €120 and do vary according to season.

Photos © VIVOOD Landscape Hotel

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