Treehouse in Sweden: Grano Beckasin

The creators of Grano Beckasin designed this retreat in a way that visitors could fully appreciate all that nature has to offer and make the most of the spectacular area while indulging in outdoor activities or enjoying a hot tub under a starry sky

Grano Beckasin is a place where guests will certainly never be bored. The creators of this retreat designed it in a way that visitors could fully appreciate all that nature has to offer and make the most of the spectacular area. Guests can take part in a strenuous ride with dog sleds, learn more about nature’s medicinal plants on-site in the woods, sink into the hot tub under a starry sky, or book a full weekend with yoga. Or, one can simply sit in one of the fabulous treehouses with a book in hand, and gaze out of the impressive window, and enjoy the surroundings from there.

Living in a Birds’ Nest at Granö Beckasin is like visiting a bird in its very comfortable, airy, and well-decorated birdhouse. This quite peculiar, yet phenomenal accommodation up among the trees gives guests the opportunity to fall asleep, quietly rocked by the wind between the tree trunks, to a magnificent night sky with chances of northern lights, waking up to an awesome view of the river and nature all around. The site started off with only two treehouses, though since 2015 there are six to choose from. It just goes to show that living up in a tree is an idea that appeals to so many of us, so why not indulge it every once in a while!

The treehouses at Granö Beckasin are securely anchored in strong pines that grow right on the river, which gives the possibility of accommodation high up in the air with full hotel standards. All mod cons are included in the houses, and underfloor heating means for an extremely comfortable stay even in coldest winter, which is fantastic as who would not want to see this scenery covered in snow? The huge windows make for an abundance of natural light and an unbeatable panoramic view. It is a special experience indeed.

Rates at Grano Beckasin start at €385 per night. This includes breakfast, though some of the activities require extra fees to be paid.

Photos © Granö Beckasin

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