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Treehouse in Sweden: Naturbyn

Hidden among spruces and pines at a quiet bay in Lake Eldan Värmland, Naturbyn is a unique Swedish nature village that offers the perfect back-to-basics getaway to relax and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer while enjoying amenities like a wooden fire-heated hot tub or a sauna

Hidden among spruces and pines at a quiet bay in Lake Eldan Värmland in Suède, Naturbyn is the organic brainchild of one man. Thomas Peterson started with a vision of a place where people could be reconnected with nature and feel the peace and harmony that the natural world provides. One rural piece of inherited land became the site of one traditionally built log cabin, the kind of place that he would imagine bringing his own family to for a relaxing retreat. One became two, and two became many more… On land, floating on water, and up in the air between the trees. There are two treehouses at Naturbyn and each provides a compelling mixture of adventure and tranquility.

The word ‘Naturbyn’ in Swedish can be translated as ‘nature village’, which is the perfect description for this back-to-basics getaway. However, back to basics does not have to mean devoid of all luxury. Guests here can enjoy a wooden fire-heated hot tub, sauna, traditional cooking on an open fire, and of course all that nature has to offer with a lake nearby and the forest surroundings. The treehouses, too, blend in with the trees rather than sticking out like an obtrusive man-made structure. Each one is ecologically hand-built of logs and sits 5 to 10 meters above the ground. The tree hut can move gently in the wind and sits cleverly among the spruces, without harming or damaging the trees.

Each treehouse at Naturbyn is unique. ‘Sehr Schjönn cabin’ sits 10 meters above the ground and ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ is a little easier to reach at a mere 5 meters above the ground! The treehouses have a large window and a private terrace that offers guests an amazing view over the lake. The treehouses are cozy but spacious for two people, therefore offering the perfect romantic escape. All the furnishings inside and out are hand-crafted, and lighting comes from paraffin lamps, candles, and a wood stove. Once checked in, it is easy to imagine moving into these treehouses and living off-grid forever!

Rates at Naturbyn start at €190 per night and do fluctuate throughout the year.

Photos © Naturbyn

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