Treehouse in the USA: Bolt Farm Treehouse

Bolt Farm Treehouse started as one man's dream for the perfect location for his honeymoon and grew into five incredible eco-friendly & adults-only treehouses designed to be the ultimate blend of childhood fun & grown-up luxury while being immersed in nature

Bolt Farm Treehouse started as one man’s dream for the perfect location for his honeymoon and grew into 5 incredible treehouses that are now rented out to the public. The original creation is the Majestic Treehouse, which stands on 40 acres of forested farmland. 4 further treehouses have since been built on 30 private acres of land in Charleston. The goal in the design was romance, luxury, and disconnection from stress, and anyone who stays here will not question for a second whether these goals have been met.

Bolt Farm Treehouse is the number one Airbnb listing in South Carolina, and it is easy to see why. It was designed to be the ultimate blend of childhood fun and grown-up luxury. Its perfect, relaxing spot on the waterfront allows for people to take a step back from their ‘normal’ life and completely unwind. There is really nothing like being surrounded by nature to enable you to reconnect, either with yourself, your loved one, or the natural world itself, and when you can do this is such a comfortable and luxurious environment, it is all the more perfect of course!

On approach to Bolt Farm Treehouse, guests can feel the hectic stresses of life slipping away with each footstep. Two sections make up the accommodation – the treehouse itself and a large, outdoor terrace that looks like a living room in itself. Featuring comfortable furniture, a grill for BBQs, and a wonderful view into the forest, guests may find that most of their time at this retreat is spent in this space. The shower is outdoors too, and the main indoor living space has such huge windows that it does not feel as though you are ever truly indoors.

The focus of Bolt Farm Treehouse is on couples, and the resort is adults-only throughout. Prices start at €350 per night to stay here.

Photo © Bolt Farm Treehouse

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