Maison dans les arbres aux États-Unis : Tour d'observation des incendies

Située à 40 pieds au-dessus du sommet des collines, au cœur de la forêt nationale d'Umpqua, la Fire Lookout Tower est un rêve devenu réalité pour les vacanciers à la recherche d'une aventure dont ils se souviendront toute leur vie.

Deep within the Umpqua National Forest, a few miles from Tiller in the USA stands the Fire Lookout Tower, a cabin with a difference. It has been modeled after the fire lookout towers that were built by the US Forest Service in the early 1900s and sits more than 40-feet above the hilltops. This quirky building is a dream come true for those holidaymakers that are searching for something a little different, something that whiffs of adventure, and something they will remember for a lifetime.

The Fire Lookout Tower is located on a 160-acre property in Southern Oregon. It boasts a modern set of amenities with an uninterrupted view of the surrounding forests. In the distance, guests will be able to spot the mountains, putting the icing on the cake for the most perfect of outlooks. This building can only be called a treehouse at a push, as it purposefully stands apart from the trees, which only serves to enhance the view.

The only way to access the Fire Lookout Tower is by clambering up four flights of stairs and squeezing up through a trap door. If this entrance does not pull forth feelings of childhood adventures then nothing will! Once above the treeline, guests will find a large, open-plan room with a full kitchen, propane heater, guest beds, and surrounding deck with an open-air shower. The tower has a queen bed and two twin beds, so there is plenty of space for the whole family. Extensions are also possible as the couches can be converted into sleeping areas, and there is a fold-down ladder on the ceiling that leads to a private bedroom at the very top of the tower.

The Fire Lookout Tower is continually featured on Airbnb wish lists, so you will need to book early to avoid disappointment. Also, the cabin is only available in the summer months, and even then is occasionally closed due to weather. Rates start from €160 per night and can be booked via Airbnb.

Photos © Fire Lookout Tower / Airbnb

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