Treehouse in the USA: Treehouse with Panoramic Views in Olympia

The treehouse with Panoramic Views in Olympia is a great getaway for nature lovers offering verdant views from the loft in the double-sized bed, and fourteen acres to roam, spread out your wings, and regain some inner peace

This unique Treehouse with Panoramic Views in Olympia is a great getaway for nature lovers. In the surrounding forest area, there are many walkways through Douglas firs, cedars, hemlocks, and rhododendrons as well as back wood paths that meander through grand firs and old-growth of a few hundred years. Of course, thanks to nature, the scenery changes through the seasons: spring sees the frogs singing at the top of the voices, summer brings a refreshing breeze through the treetops, autumn is a thing of beauty and there is occasional snow in winter, creating a magical winter wonderland.

Anyone searching for a holiday in a treehouse is obviously not after a conventional hotel-experience and a touch of adventure is needed to make the most of the treehouse with Panoramic Views in Olympia. On windy nights, guests will feel the treehouse sway and even the walk to the treehouse itself is a little journey. The treehouse half bathroom was built around the base of a large cedar and is just at the foot of the treehouse with a composting toilet and sink with hot water. A beautiful outdoor cedar shower house has skylights to showcase the trees above it and there is no better way to shower!

As may be expected from such a gorgeous small house, extremely tall people will not fit very comfortably in the treehouse in Olympia. The height of the loft space where the bedroom is fitted is maximum 5’9″ and the ladder giving access to this space can support a maximum weight of 220lbs. Outside at the base of the treehouse is a little area where guests can prepare their food and there is a herb garden here that guests are welcome to use. There is also a grill and patio area with furniture so you can eat outside and soak up the natural ambiance.

The rate to stay in this treehouse in Olympia starts at €320 and there is a minimum stay of two nights. Getaways can be booked via AirBnB.

Photo © Treehouse Olympia / Airbnb

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