Tree house hotel in Italy: The Monferrato Aroma(n)rica Treehouse

The Monferrato Aroma(n)rica Treehouse is a beautiful tree house hotel located at the outskirt of Italy, within close proximity to Malpenesa Airport.

The Monferrato Aroma(n)rica Treehouse in Italy is a beautiful tree house hotel, located roughly between Milan and Turin, not far from Malpenesa Airport. This wonderful suspended nest benefits from an amazing panoramic view on the hills, among the fragrances of the linden trees and other aromatic herbs.

A 18,000 square meters garden, equipped with solarium and a swimming pool, is surrounded by awe-inspiring trees such as majestic cedars of Lebanon and magnolias, hollies and tamarisks. Lucky guests even manage to watch baby deers roaming nearby as they’re sitting on the deck, having breakfast.

But that’s not all: what makes the Monferrato tree house hotel even more enjoyable, is that it is located in an area famous for its top quality wines such as Barbera, Freisa, Grignolino and Cortese; and yes, it is even possible to visit the wine cellars of local producers! You will have guessed it, this tree house hotel is definitely a great getaway for couples who want some time away from the city to read a book over wine and cheese.

The surrounding area near the Monferrato Aroma(n)rica tree house hotel offers a variety of activities, such as nature walks, cycle routes, wine tours and cultural path; as a matter of facts, it is possible to find taverns and cottages where you can taste the typical specialties of the territory!

If you’re more in a roadtrip mood for the day, be advised that Monferrato is very close to Casale Monferrato, Alessandria (5 minutes by car), as well as to the beautiful cities of Alba, Barolo and Asti. It is even possible to go shopping to Turin, Milan and Genoa, as all three cities can be reached within an hour drive by car.

The Monferrato Aroma(n)rica tree house hotel can be booked on airbnb, starting at $130/night.

Source and pictures: airbnb

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