Treehouse in Nicaragua: The Poste Rojo Treehouse

Located off-the-beaten path in the Nicaraguan jungle, the Poste Rojo Treehouse is the brain child of Chad Cunningham, a treehouse lover.

Located off-the-beaten path in the Nicaraguan jungle, the Poste Rojo Treehouse requires quite precise directions, a good pronunciation in Spanish and a firm will to find it.

The Poste Rojo Treehouse  is the brain child of Chad Cunningham, who built this amazing hostel on the premise of his childhood love of building tree houses. What stands today is a remarkable venue and a true testament to making a dream come true.

Travelers willing to live the adventure, need to hop on the bus or take a collectivo (the local name for “bus” in that part of the world) from the city of Granada, towards the coast about 15 minutes from town, ask to be dropped off at the “Poste Rojo” bus stop, and from here they will find a road that passes a Jehovah Church and goes through a farm field and up into the hills of the jungle. They will know they’re on the right path when they reach the staircases leading to the treehouse.

A long suspended footbridge runs from the main hangout area over to a beautiful yoga deck that overlooks jungle with a killer vantage point… Movie nights also keep things well rounded around the camp, with the monkeys howling, birds swooping in arcs, and frogs’ and toads’ beeps and beats weaving together for a surprisingly rendition of the Star Wars theme…

The Poste Rojo Treehouse is available all year long for backpackers (no reservations required), where they can rent a covered hammock and sleep outside for $4.50 per night. The treehouse also offers dorms, private rooms, and casitas for $8-$20 per night.

The non-hammock options feature gorgeous wooden beds with incredibly comfortable mattresses. The intimate community, family-style dinners, attentive staff and playful vibe is a refreshing experience from your run-of-the-mill stop.

Source and photos © Poste Rojo Treehouse

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