Treehouse Resort in Thailand: Keemala

Inspired by the Rung Nok (Nest) Clan who reveled in an opulent lifestyle, the Keemala treehouses in Thailand offer just the right amount of decadence and luxury with a spectacular view of the rainforest, which they are perfectly nestled within for an awe-inspiring view

In the Keemala treehouse resort in Thailand, everything from the architectural design of the accommodation to the working culture of the staff is inspired by local customs and traditions. Nowhere is this felt more strongly than in the treehouse villas available at this resort. The We-ha Clan, or Sky Clan, of Phuket, is a group that is believed to have had an advanced understanding of the universe. They built their homes elevated from the ground in order to obtain better creativity and liberty, and this is very much the ethos behind the Keemala treehouses.

As well as local culture and tradition, the treehouses at the Keemala resort offer just the right amount of decadence and luxury. There are a couple of different kinds to choose from, though all offer two levels, private swimming pools, spacious terraces for an awe-inspiring view, monsoon showers and relaxation spaces. The furnishing inside incorporates suspended furniture and cocoon-like beds and loungers. These treehouses are the epitome of what a relaxing, romantic getaway should look like, and once checked in here you will never want to leave. Who wouldn’t want their own private pool in the treetops of the Thai jungle?

The Keemala treehouses offer spectacular views of the rainforest, which they are perfectly nestled within. They stand just high enough to take advantage of gaps in the trees to allow the gaze to reach further. The general area is a fantastic combination of jungle and mountain, and just a 10 minute drive away is an idyllic beach. Transfers to the beach are arranged by the resort and included in the cost of the stay.

The rates for a night in a Keemala treehouse start at around €650, depending on the season. Treatments at the Mala Holistic Spa are including in the price of the stay. There are seven tree pool houses, eight bird’s nest villas, and seven tent pool villas, all offering beautiful views of the rainforest and mountains.

Photo © Keemala

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