The Sandane Treehouse

The view afforded by the Sandane Treehouse is truly like no other: the edge of the forest stretches just below, tiny houses can be seen leading to the edge of the Ffyords, then an expanse of aquamarine water leads to the base of spectacular mountains
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Hidden amidst Norway’s vast, picturesque landscape lies the Sandane Treehouse, a gem that promises an unparalleled panoramic view. From this vantage point, one might think the sweeping vistas are straight out of a digitally enhanced image—only they’re stunningly real.

The treehouse boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing guests to be completely immersed in the view without any visual interruptions. Picture this: a tranquil forest edge, quaint homes leading to the glistening Ffyords, vast expanses of aquamarine waters, all crowned by majestic mountain ranges. Sitting in the treehouse, you’re lifted into this panoramic embrace, seemingly floating meters above the ground.

Architecturally, the Sandane Treehouse speaks volumes through its simplicity. Designed as a cube-like enclosure, it melds harmoniously with nature, supported by stilts and cradled by the embracing trees. The room features a cozy bed to curl up in after a day of exploration. For amenities like a toilet, a short walk from the main cabin is all it takes. As you reside here, it feels as if you’ve reached a serene edge of the world, with the sprawling landscapes captivating your every glance.

Situated in a breathtaking rural part of Norway, this treehouse beckons outdoor aficionados. Whether you’re inclined towards a rejuvenating hike, a brisk cold-water dip, or simply soaking in the raw beauty of nature, this location is a dream. The treehouse stands as a minimalistic testament, ensuring the natural surroundings remain undisturbed and pristine.

For those seeking an escape from the mundane, the Sandane Treehouse awaits. Bookings are open through Airbnb. With rates commencing at €230 per night, it can accommodate up to three nature enthusiasts.

Photos courtesy of Olav Aabrekk @ Sandane Treehouse on Airbnb.

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