emerged from our deep passion for distinctive architecture and captivating travel locales. Our journey began by curating and sharing captivating treehouse images with an enthusiastic community via our Facebook page.

Treehouse Map elevates this passion by offering a specialized platform for adventurers yearning for unique lodgings. In fact, Treehouse Map stands alone as the premier directory dedicated to spotlighting upscale treehouses from across the globe.

Beyond our curated treehouse listings, we encourage you to explore our blog. There, we share insightful reviews of treehouse hotels and delve into intriguing facets of the treehouse realm. Each treehouse we’ve had the pleasure of staying in earns a special mention in our listings.

Our platform is continually evolving, with new, exceptional treehouse hotels being added consistently. However, our focus remains steadfast on quality over sheer numbers. Each treehouse hotel featured on is meticulously selected, emphasizing distinctive and contemporary design.

Should you believe your treehouse deserves a spotlight on our platform (or if you’d like to simply extend greetings), please reach out using the contact form provided.

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