Adults Who Live In Treehouses

Would you live in a treehouse? The appeal is obvious to any kid, but it can seem like a daunting idea to most adults (exception made of the “other” kind of adults who ended-up on this page for the very good reason that they do enjoy somehow the idea of living in a treehouse). Nevertheless, cultural interest has erupted in recent years and has not stop growing. As a matter of facts, anyone can now vacation at a “treehotel or “treesort” or watch a reality show about treetop architecture, or even rent a treehouse on Airbnb.

“Treehouses are becoming more and more adult; They’re not just for kids anymore.” – Michael Garnier, treehouse building pioneer

In this short documentary produced by The Atlantic, people who build, live in, and love treehouses like Michael Garnier, were interviewed. These are far from the forts of childhood memory, though. Treehouse builders employ artificial limbs for support, boast both plumbing and running water, and wouldn’t look out of place in luxury lifestyle magazines (do not miss our “Luxury Treehouse Hotels” section).

Source and media content: The Atlantic

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