K2 Kudhva Treehouse Cabin

The K2 Kudhva Treehouse Cabin is an eco-friendly retreat in Tintagel, UK, offering an immersive nature experience with modern comforts such as a hot tub, private fireplace and sustainable living practices. Secluded yet accessible, it's the perfect blend of peaceful retreat and adventurous getaway
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Set in the verdant countryside of Tintagel, K2 Kudhva Treehouse Cabin is a sanctuary between the whisper of the garden and the expanse of the sky. It’s a place where luxury meets nature, 49km from Newquay railway station and a stone’s throw from historic Tintagel Castle. This unique lodge is perfectly positioned for both tranquillity and exploration.

Kudhva cabins are unique, treehouse-like structures which stand a good distance above the ground, offering a different perspective of the surrounding landscape. K2, the closest of 4 Kudhvas to reception, sits at the end of a grassy area surrounded by trees. The mezzanine bed floats above a cosy sofa area for a restful night’s sleep, while the large floor to ceiling window invites you to enjoy a view of Kudhva’s woodland canopy or the Cornish coast. Your private fire pit and seating area await outside, ready for evenings under the stars. It’s the perfect place to relax, read, write, or just listen.

With fresh linen, towels and a thoughtfully designed interior, K2 Kudhva is your elevated escape from the ordinary. The cabin’s ingenious architecture – a harmonious blend of tree house and cabin – stands proudly above the ground, offering uninterrupted views of Cornwall’s natural beauty. Whether you’re peering out from the forest canopy or gazing at the Cornish coast, K2 Kudhva is a window to tranquillity.

But Kudhva is more than a place to stay. It’s a testament to sustainable living, harmoniously integrated into the landscape of a long-abandoned slate quarry. Louise’s vision in 2015 was to restore and share this land, and today Kudhva is a true eco-retreat, using solar energy and practicing sustainable land management.

At Kudhva, the daily grind gives way to the rustling of leaves and the soothing sounds of nature. The off-grid ethos of the property promotes a digital detox, encouraging guests to reconnect with themselves and the environment. The natural grazing of goats helps preserve the land, and every product used is in line with Kudhva’s commitment to the planet.

The spirit of community thrives here. From cooking in the communal kitchen to sharing stories around the campfire, Kudhva’s ethos is built on community and connection. The rugged track leading up to the reception sets the stage for an adventure that’s both rugged and refined.

The allure extends beyond the lodge. The hidden waterfall, challenging to reach but rewarding for those who do, is a Kudhva secret. For food lovers, the communal kitchen awaits, and the local dining scene is just a mile to the nearest pub.

And for those looking to deepen their journey into tranquillity, Kudhva offers yoga sessions and wellness retreats amidst its natural splendour. The wood-fired hot tub, fueled by locally harvested wood, offers a starry night sky view, a testament to the resort’s commitment to sustainable pampering.

Just a short walk from the North Cornish coast, Kudhva is a gateway to secluded beaches and coastal walks. For the more adventurous, the area is ripe for surfing, kayaking and more. Trebarwith Strand, lifeguarded throughout the summer, offers a sandy escape at low tide.

Embrace the K2 Kudhva Treehouse Cabin in Tintagel, a luxurious perch above the world where the simplicity of nature meets the comforts of modern living. It’s not just an escape – it’s a return to the real, a reawakening of the senses and a rejuvenation of the spirit.

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