Les Cabanes de Salagnac

Les Cabanes de Salagnac in Corrèze, France, combines luxury and nature in uniquely designed tree houses. Offering eco-friendly comfort and modern amenities, it's an ideal retreat for those seeking tranquillity and a deep connection with the natural world
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Nestled in the heart of the Corrèze, Les Cabanes de Salagnac epitomizes the magical fusion of nature and modern architecture. Spread over 40 hectares, this unique property combines the grandeur of a 17th and 19th-century manor with innovative treehouse living designed by the visionary interior designer Apolline Terrier. As you traverse the rolling terrain at the foot of the Monédières massif, you are invited into a world where luxurious eco-cabins gracefully perch under the canopy, offering a sanctuary for those seeking solitude, adventure, and a deep connection with nature.

The essence of Les Cabanes de Salagnac lies in its commitment to sustainability and seamless integration with the surrounding natural beauty. Each of the six treehouses is a testament to contemporary design, characterized by clean lines and expansive bay windows that invite the outdoors in. Whether it’s the vibrant Le Pin blond or the serene Le Cèdre blanc, each cabin is designed with a distinct color theme, fostering a unique ambiance that complements the lush, diverse ecosystem in which it resides. From moss-covered trails and fern-filled paths to the soothing sounds of the Dagues stream, the property is a haven for those who appreciate the unspoiled splendour of nature.

The interior of each cabin is a marvel of functionality and style, equipped with all the comforts of a modern home – Wi-Fi, eco-friendly showers and a cosy kitchenette ensure a stay that’s as comfortable as it is eco-conscious. Designed to accommodate up to four guests, these cabins offer a versatile space to suit the needs of couples and families alike. The large decks provide the perfect vantage point for wildlife viewing or simply enjoying the tranquillity of the forest.

Beyond the charm of the cabins, Les Cabanes de Salagnac extends its hospitality through the Welcome Hut – a communal space designed for connection and relaxation. With amenities ranging from a wood-burning stove to an outdoor barbecue, guests are encouraged to gather, share stories and revel in the communal spirit that the estate fosters.

More than just a place to stay, Les Cabanes de Salagnac offers an experience that encourages exploration, reflection and a renewed connection with nature. Situated in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, in the heart of a Znieff classified site, the estate’s location ensures that every visit is imbued with the magic of discovery, whether it’s the local flora and fauna, the historical vestiges of a bygone era or the culinary delights of the region.

In essence, Les Cabanes de Salagnac is not just a destination, it’s a journey back to nature, created with care, imagination and respect for the environment. It’s a place where luxury and sustainability coexist, offering guests the unique opportunity to live among the trees, in chalets that whisper stories of innovation, adventure and tranquillity.

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