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Set among the palm trees of Gili Trawangan, the Gili Tree Houses provides a perfect vantage point to enjoy the surroundings of this tropical paradise and allows guests to peek into the life of the birds and other animals that share the spot
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Nestled within the cerulean embrace of the Indonesian archipelago lies Gili Trawangan, the largest among the iconic Gili islands. A true embodiment of paradise on earth, this tropical haven lures discerning travelers seeking a serene escapade.

The journey to Gili Trawangan is a story in itself. The island beckons from afar, accessible only by a three-hour boat ride from Bali. The voyage offers glimpses of the turquoise seas, teeming with vibrant marine turtles and a spectrum of marine life, making the anticipation all the more thrilling.

Upon arrival, the pristine white-sand beaches, adorned with a fringe of swaying palm trees, confirm the island’s reputation as a slice of heaven. In this serene sanctuary where the hum of traffic is an alien concept, visitors are transported to an era of simplicity and untouched beauty.

Nestled amidst this Eden-like setting are the renowned Gili Tree Houses. Boasting two exquisite villas, these accommodations promise an elevated experience, both figuratively and literally. Perched amid the island’s native palm trees, guests are awarded a panoramic view of the verdant surroundings, occasionally catching glimpses of the avian residents and wildlife co-inhabitants.

The interior of these villas is a testimony to the seamless blend of luxury and nature. A majestic coconut tree stands as the centerpiece, resonating with the villa’s organic vibe. The amenities are equally plush: a private plunge pool for those refreshing dips, state-of-the-art air conditioning, and a spacious terrace adorned with cozy furniture, inviting guests to lounge and soak in the ambient tropical splendor.

While the allure of the Gili Tree Houses may persuade guests to remain ensconced in their luxurious cocoons, the outside beckons with myriad adventures. A mere five-minute stroll leads to a mesmerizing beach, where snorkeling unveils an underwater world of untouched marine splendor. To further enrich the Gili experience, the Tree Houses offer complimentary bicycles. Picture this: as daylight wanes, a leisurely cycle to the beach’s sunset point, witnessing the horizon painted in hues of gold and crimson.

For those enticed by this enchanting offering, the rates for a villa at Gili Tree Houses commence at approximately €220. However, for the savvy traveler, enticing last-minute deals are frequently up for grabs on And to add a cherry on top, every booking includes a delightful breakfast spread.

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