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Located in the green zone of the Bang Nampheung region of Greater Bangkok, the Bangkok Tree House is one of the few green hotels by the river in Bangkok, surrounded by mangrove palms, coconut plantations and singing cicadas
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In the lush heart of Greater Bangkok’s Bang Nampheung region, nestled amidst verdant mangrove palms and coconut plantations, stands a haven for eco-conscious travelers – the Bangkok Tree House. This unique green hotel, perched beside the river and serenaded by cicadas, presents an enticing juxtaposition to Bangkok’s bustling urban landscape.

The Bangkok Tree House’s ethos revolves around a deep respect for nature. Visitors are gently cautioned via their website about the hotel’s truly organic environment: the occasional mosquito, the absence of chemical insect repellents, and the inaccessibility by car. Instead, guests embark on a scenic journey by boat, bicycle, or foot to reach this secluded oasis. But for many, these nuances don’t detract from the experience – they enhance it.

Accommodations at the Bangkok Tree House are nothing short of spectacular. Whether it’s the treetop rooms offering panoramic vistas of the Chao Phraya river or the nest-inspired treehouses, guests are in for an unparalleled treat. The crowning jewel is the ‘Family Nest,’ spacious enough for four guests, featuring three open-air green roof spaces, perfect for stargazing or soaking in the dense foliage. On the other hand, ‘The View with a Room’ offers a more rustic experience; situated 7 meters above ground, it’s an open bamboo platform where the sky is your ceiling, and nature, your walls. All dwellings, however, promise breathtaking views and an authentic taste of rainforest life.

Guests can anticipate a multitude of complimentary services. A delightful breakfast to kick-start the day, robust WiFi connectivity, even in the treetops, and bicycles for those eager to explore. Staying connected is a breeze with provided cell phones equipped with local SIMs. And for those midnight cravings? The hotel proudly offers complimentary, home-made ice cream round the clock.

For those keen on an eco-friendly sojourn, the Bangkok Tree House is the perfect destination. Starting at a competitive rate of €160 per night, with no mandatory minimum stay, it’s an offer hard to resist. Dive deeper into their commitment to sustainability by visiting their website, where they elucidate their green initiatives in detail.

Photo Credit: © Bangkok Tree House. Discover their eco-initiatives and more at Bangkok Tree House.

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