Treehouse in the UK: The Woodsman’s Treehouse

Hidden 30 feet above the forest floor in in the branches of a 200 years old oak tree, the Woodsman's Treehouse is a stylish combination of sustainable craftsmanship and luxurious interiors that makes for the perfect getaway

The Woodsman’s Treehouse lies hidden in the branches of a 200 years old oak tree in the forests of Dorset in England. This grand structure was completed in 2016 and has been welcoming and wowing guests ever since. This stylish combination of sustainable craftsmanship and luxurious interiors makes for the perfect getaway. It is completely private and self-contained with plenty of added extras leaving guests in no doubt that to stay here is to experience something unique and incredibly special.

The Woodsman’s Treehouse’s grand pier-like boardwalk extends into guests’ own private kingdom: a king-sized bed, a double-ended copper bath, and the rotating fireplace that can be pointed toward the bed, sofa, or kitchen. A particularly notable feature is a window on the floor, looking down at the stream below. Plenty of further windows offer woodland views, and there is a ceiling window above the bed that looks up at the impressive oak canopy above. This treehouse offers views into the natural surroundings from every perspective, offering a real connection to this beautiful environment.

Treats are hidden around every corner and on every level of the Woodsman’s Treehouse. Outside on the huge rear deck, there is a wood-fired pizza oven and barbeque, as well as an outdoor tree shower. From here, guests can ascend the spiral staircase to the roof deck, where there is somewhat of a private spa with a sauna and hot tub. It feels like there is no end of treats in store for guests of this fantastic treehouse.

Construction of the Woodsman’s Treehouse kept the health of the oak trees as the highest priority at every step. It is built on stilts high among the branches, with the roof deck standing 30 feet above the forest floor. The building does not touch the trees, so the ecosystem of the oak can continue uninterrupted. No bolt has been driven into any of the trees, so they are totally undamaged by the presence of this incredible treehouse.

The Woodsman’s Treehouse has a 2-night minimum stay, and rates start at €1080 for a mid-week stay. It is strictly a retreat for adults only.

Photos © Mallinson Ltd. / The Woodsman’s Treehouse

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