Woodsman’s Treehouse

Hidden 30 feet above the forest floor in in the branches of a 200 years old oak tree, the Woodsman's Treehouse is a stylish combination of sustainable craftsmanship and luxurious interiors that makes for the perfect getaway
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Nestled amidst the dense forests of Dorset, England, the Woodsman’s Treehouse stands as a testament to luxury, nature, and architectural marvel. With roots dating back to a majestic 200-year-old oak tree, this sublime escape offers guests an exclusive blend of sustainable craftsmanship and lavish comforts since its inception in 2016.

Upon arrival, a magnificent pier-like boardwalk leads guests into an opulent world. Here, creature comforts fuse with nature seamlessly. Imagine waking up on a king-sized bed, gazing through a floor window at the serene stream below or looking up through a ceiling window, being awed by the vast oak canopy. The interior boasts a copper bathtub and a versatile rotating fireplace—adjustable to face the bed, sofa, or kitchen, setting the mood as one desires.

However, it’s not just the interiors that spell magic. Step outside onto the spacious rear deck and treat yourself to delectable wood-fired pizzas or barbecues. An outdoor tree shower awaits, offering a unique experience. Climb the spiral staircase, and you’re greeted by an exquisite private spa—comprising a sauna and hot tub. Truly, every corner of the Woodsman’s Treehouse is a treasure trove of delights.

Integral to the treehouse’s design ethos is the profound respect for the age-old oaks that support it. Elevated 30 feet above the forest ground, the structure stands on stilts, ensuring the trees’ well-being and ecosystem remain unharmed. It’s heartening to note that not a single bolt intrudes upon the trees, showcasing a harmonious balance between man-made elegance and nature’s grandeur.

Those seeking an unparalleled retreat amidst England’s lush forests can consider this treehouse their ultimate haven. With rates beginning at €1080 for a mid-week sojourn and a 2-night minimum stay policy, it’s exclusively crafted for adults, ensuring utmost tranquility.

Photos courtesy of Mallinson Ltd. / The Woodsman’s Treehouse.

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Home » Listings » Europe » United Kingdom » Woodsman’s Treehouse