Crystal Peak Lookout Treehouse

This Crystal Peak Lookout was constructed in the 1950s as a little hunting lodge and is located directly on the slopes of Crystal Peak in Northern Idaho, USA. Under the creative initiative of the current owner, it was completely remodeled and restored in 2018 into the wonderful forest retreat that it now is
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Perched on the slopes of Crystal Peak in Northern Idaho, USA, the Crystal Peak Lookout Treehouse offers a view that is nothing short of spectacular. Surrounded by 13 acres of lush green forest as far as the eye can see, this bright red lookout tower was originally constructed in the 1950s as a hunting lodge. In 2018, under the inspired vision of the current owner, the lookout was fully restored and transformed into the enchanting forest retreat it is today.

Guests access the treehouse by climbing a set of wooden steps, painted a vibrant red to match the main building. In lieu of a conventional front door, a trapdoor awaits! It’s advisable to pack light for a stay here, as luggage is hoisted up via a manually-operated winch in a basket. Once inside, the treehouse offers a spacious central area that serves as a bedroom, living room, and kitchenette. The space is adorned with a wood-burning stove, ample shelving, and comfortable seating. Surrounding windows flood the interior with sunlight, and guests can savor breathtaking sunrises and sunsets right from the comfort of the bed.

Beyond the cozy treehouse, the property boasts two additional structures. An unassuming outhouse with a pitched roof is available for guests’ convenience, while an old woodshed has been creatively repurposed into a wood-fired sauna. Complete with an outdoor deck and fire-pit seating, it provides the perfect space to unwind and rejuvenate after a day of hiking or snowshoeing.

The Crystal Peak Lookout treehouse is accessible only by a 4×4 vehicle, and the journey becomes even more challenging during the snowy winter months. However, this only adds to the appeal of this secluded retreat. Nature lovers will find themselves in paradise, with huckleberries ripe for picking, tamarack needles turning yellow, bluebird boxes full of nestlings, or fresh moose tracks in the snow, depending on the season.

Rates for the Crystal Peak Lookout start from €280 and can be booked via Airbnb.

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Crystal Peak Road 3697
Fernwood 83830 ID US
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