Cypress Valley Canopy Treehouse

Cypress Valley Canopy Treehouse is a location that is all about getting its guests up in the trees, whether that be through a zipline adventure or a stay in one of their 5 treehouses nestled in old-growth cypress trees overlooking a spring-fed creek ravine
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The Cypress Valley Canopy Treehouse doesn’t merely provide guests with a place to stay; it offers a transformative experience. Nestled amidst verdant trees, this retreat is dedicated to elevating guests’ spirits—quite literally—be it through thrilling zipline adventures by day or stargazing from treetop accommodations by night.

With a multitude of offerings, from nocturnal canopy tours, exclusive picnics, to moments of reflection by a wildlife-rich lake, Cypress guarantees a rejuvenated appreciation for nature. Especially since it allows guests an intimate sojourn among the magnificent treetops.

Distinctively designed, each of the five treehouses boasts its unique allure. While four offer an intimate setting for two, there’s one spacious enough to comfortably accommodate a party of six. And the experience? Utterly magical. Post sunset, the amplified natural symphony from the ravine serenades you. And if that’s not enchanting enough, the mesmerizing dance of fireflies under a star-studded canvas ensures a night of sheer wonder.

The Yoki Treehouse stands out as the epitome of luxury. Imagine greeting the dawn from a two-tiered deck, sipping on locally-sourced Cuvee coffee. Its living area grants a magnificent view of the ravine, perfectly framed by two ancestral cypress trees. And it doesn’t stop there. A compact kitchenette, a stunning bathhouse, and a soaking tub across a quaint bridge further enhance the opulence. Then there’s the Lofthaven, a uniquely round bedroom, designed around a majestic cypress tree, its trunk proudly stretching skywards. An adjoining bridge leads to an exquisite bathhouse, featuring a waterfall-infused tub, providing tranquil views over the ravine.

The Cypress Valley Canopy Treehouse masterfully merges the thrill of adventure with serene relaxation, offering visitors a genuine bond with nature. If this entices you, be prepared for a minimum two-night stay, with rates commencing at €450 per night.

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Home » Listings » Americas » North America » Treehouse Hotels in the USA » Cypress Valley Canopy Treehouse