Emerald Forest Treehouse

Located just ten minutes east of downtown Redmond and nestled amongst thirty tranquil acres of beautiful forest, the cozy yet luxurious Emerald Forest Treehouse is comfortably furnished and bursting with natural light
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In the heart of Washington’s captivating Emerald Forest lies a hidden gem—a luxurious treehouse that merges nature’s charm with human ingenuity. Conceived and brought to life by Pete Nelson and his expert team in 2017, the Emerald Forest Treehouse is not just an accommodation; it’s an experience.

Featured prominently on the popular show Treehouse Masters, the true allure of this magical retreat isn’t just the treehouse, but the entire 30-acre expanse, including the astounding Emerald Forest & Theater.

The treehouse offers a 5-star experience, and it’s no surprise why. Enveloped in large windows, guests are treated to panoramic views of a tranquil beaver pond right off the deck. The interiors ooze comfort, boasting a plush queen-sized bed and whimsical twin beds nestled in a loft, reached by a ship’s ladder—a fun adventure for younger guests. Furnished with every conceivable amenity, the treehouse ensures a memorable stay. And as dawn breaks, guests can relish a complimentary continental breakfast, thrillingly delivered via a 150-foot zip line straight from the main house!

For those seeking a higher vantage point, the treehouse features a crow’s nest. Positioned 40′ above the ground, it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding verdant canopy, allowing lucky guests a chance to spot blue herons, playful ducks, and other wildlife.

Beyond the treehouse and across the pond, the property flaunts its pièce de résistance—The Emerald Forest Theater. Conceived in another enchanting episode of Treehouse Masters, this unique outdoor climb-in movie theater features a suspended seating area, quirky box-seat pods, and innovative “tree-elevators.” The highlight? An impressive 16′ screen, nestled among the trees, offering a cinematic experience like no other.

Complementing the theater is the Emerald Forest, a spectacular 5-acre woodland. Contrary to typical forests, this one greets visitors with a plush, mossy floor—a soft green carpet beneath the towering trees, forming a sublime backdrop to the tree-top theater.

Guests of the treehouse are cordially invited to embark on a journey through this forest and the theater, granting them a unique chance to revel in its splendor, provided no prior bookings for events exist.

For those yearning for an unparalleled escape into nature, the Emerald Forest Treehouse awaits. Suitable for couples or families up to four, rates commence at $425 (around €440) per night.

Photo © The Emerald Forest

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