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Treehouse in the USA: The Emerald Forest Treehouse

Located just ten minutes east of downtown Redmond and nestled amongst thirty tranquil acres of beautiful forest, the cozy yet luxurious Emerald Forest Treehouse is comfortably furnished and bursting with natural light

In 2017, Pete Nelson and his team visited the enchanting Emerald Forest in Washington and constructed the Emerald Forest Treehouse. It was featured on an episode of Treehouse Masters and one of the stand-out highlights of this project is the stunning location. Normally, one would expect to be walking on fallen leaves, roots or dirt when enjoying a forest walk, but here most of the ground is covered with green, springy moss. It creates a blanket showing more shades of green than you could name and makes an incredible backdrop for such an awesome treehouse.

The Emerald Forest Treehouse is an open-space room surrounded by large windows with views of the forest. A private nature pond also nestles in the woods and this can be seen from the veranda of the treehouse. Inside are a queen bed and twin beds, which are tucked up in the loft and accessed by a ship’s ladder.  This creates an additional sense of adventure for any kids that are staying in the house. The rest of the property is furnished with everything you will need for a wonderful stay and in the morning a complimentary continental breakfast will be delivered to the dining table on the veranda of the treehouse via a 150-foot zip line from the main house!

An additional feature to the Emerald Forest Treehouse is a crow’s nest. This has been constructed 40 feet off the ground and gives stunning views of the forest, pond, and inhabiting wildlife. Guests will feel totally concealed in the canopy from up here and may get a privileged view of the blue heron, frogs, beavers, and other animals. If you want a break from the tranquility, why not visit the outdoor theater, also built up in the trees. All the structures in the trees are accessible via wooden bridges, so guests can feel totally detached from the real world as soon as they check-in.

Rates for a night in the Emerald Forest Treehouse start at €440 and the treehouse is suitable for couples and families.

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