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Treehouse Village Inn is a one-of-a-kind family-run New England style bed & breakfast nestled in the heart of South Vermont, more specifically in the lush mountains of South Newfane
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Set against the serene backdrop of South Newfane’s mountains in South Vermont, Treehouse Village Inn presents an unparalleled experience. Infusing the quintessential New England bed and breakfast charm with a contemporary touch, this family-owned haven is the perfect place to unwind, with the majestic Green Mountains cradling it from all sides. While the main building houses five elegantly appointed suites, the jewel in its crown is undeniably the solitary Willow Treehouse.

This A-frame treehouse, named Willow, elevates your stay — quite literally — amongst the verdant canopy. Crafted meticulously by the Nelson family, avid viewers of the “Treehouse Master” TV series might find the design familiar. Indeed, the Treehouse Village Inn stands as the sole luxury treehouse provider in South Vermont, promising its visitors an exclusive encounter with nature’s splendors.

As you step inside the Willow Treehouse, it welcomes you with a cozy interior replete with modern amenities. It boasts a fully equipped bathroom, an integrated kitchenette, and a snug living room, with a fireplace setting the mood for those chilly mountain nights. An enchanting reading nook by the window invites guests to curl up with a book, while the loft space offers a queen bed. Spanning over 600 square feet, the space exudes warmth and luxury, perfect for families or couples seeking an intimate retreat. Adjoining the treehouse is a terrace that wraps around the structure, offering a panoramic view of the breathtaking landscape.

The dedication of the Treehouse Village Inn’s owners extends beyond just providing a unique lodging experience. They ensure that mornings begin with a sumptuous, made-to-order breakfast and evenings are accentuated with a crackling campfire, encapsulating the essence of countryside living.

Starting at a rate of €260 per night, which includes a delightful breakfast, the Willow Treehouse at the Treehouse Village Inn is more than just a stay; it’s an experience etched in memory.

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Dover Road 369
Newfane 05351 VT US
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