Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Samlanes, Norway, at the Treehut - a cosy, natural haven overlooking the fjord. Revel in the peaceful symphony of birdsong, take in the breathtaking mountain views and retreat into a serene, intimate space designed for relaxation and reconnection with nature.
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Nestled in the tranquil embrace of Norway’s majestic natural landscape, the Treehut offers a peaceful retreat unlike any other. Situated in a tranquil setting near the beautiful village of Samlanes, this property presents an intimate communion with nature, where birds and silence are your closest companions and the fjord is a constant, soothing presence.

The Treehut is a testament to the allure of minimalist living without sacrificing comfort or the panoramic views that have earned it a 9.2 rating for a couple’s getaway. An epitome of Scandinavian efficiency and aesthetics, the accommodation features a bedroom that opens onto a terrace that serves as a private observatory of Norway’s awe-inspiring landscape. The balcony overlooks the fjord, inviting the outdoors in as guests enjoy the amenities of the kitchenette and cook while the sea whispers tales of the deep.

Carefully designed to be allergy-free and non-smoking, the property respects both the guests’ wellbeing and the purity of its surroundings. The charm of the village of Samlanes, cradled by the Sognefjord, adds to the treehouse’s appeal. This destination is a haven for those who wish to fish, hike or kayak, immersing themselves in a tableau vivant of mountains and fjords.

Guests can indulge in skiing, embracing the frost-kissed slopes nearby, or simply bask in the verdant embrace of the garden. Although secluded in its own residential enclave, The Treehut offers modern conveniences such as free private parking and an optional airport shuttle service. The nearest urban amenities are in Bergen, but the real luxury is the Treehut’s gift of distance from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Residents have effusively described their stays as harmoniously integrated with nature – where squirrels playfully approach and birds serenade from dusk to dawn. The host’s welcoming warmth and generous offerings from the private garden enhance the experience, making every moment at The Treehut an episode of heartfelt hospitality.

Walks around the property reveal sculptures that blend artistry with the stunning natural vistas. Each day ends with the soft glow of a Scandinavian sunset, enjoyed from the comfort of a balcony that has witnessed many a guest’s contemplative moment. As night falls, the cabin becomes a cosy sanctuary, where the comfort of an extremely comfortable bed awaits.

The Treehut is not just a place to stay, it is an experience, recommended by guests for those seeking solace, a moment of peace and an uninterrupted dialogue with nature. Here you can truly appreciate life’s simpler pleasures – whether it’s kayaking on the private beach, taking in the views or savouring the silence that only such an unspoilt part of the world can offer.

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