Treelodge in Retie, Belgium, offers an idyllic retreat amongst the treetops, blending nature's tranquility with cozy luxury. Relish the simplicity of life elevated among the branches, where outdoor adventures and peaceful relaxation under the Antwerp Kempen's canopy await every guest seeking to unwind and reconnect
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Nestled in the lush expanse of the Antwerp Kempen, Treelodge is an enchanting escape for those who yearn to reconnect with nature. Available throughout the seasons, this idyllic retreat combines the rustic charm of the outdoors with the warmth of luxury living.

Upon arrival, guests are transported to a world where the traditional boundaries of indoor comfort and outdoor wilderness merge seamlessly. Nestled among the rustling leaves, the treehouses are masterfully heated by either a wood-burning stove or modern central heating, providing a cosy refuge from the chill of the Belgian air.

Treelodge offers a range of experiences, from the thrill of outdoor showers under the stars to the indulgence of heated indoor showers. Accommodations range from swinging hammocks under starlit canopies to plush beds nestled in wooden sanctuaries, promising restful nights cradled by the whisper of the forest.

As well as providing shelter, each lodge invites guests to savour the flavours of open-air cuisine. From the classic barbecue to the smoky nuances of a smoke oven, every meal becomes an adventure in itself. Whether you choose to dine high in the treehouses or in the lush undergrowth at one of the charming picnic spots, open-air cooking becomes a celebration of the environment.

The four luxurious treehouses, each with its own unique design and handcrafted by skilled artisans, sleep up to six guests. Chiffchaff offers the whimsy of a treehouse with the comforts of home, enveloping guests in its warmth and simplicity. The Great Spotted Woodpecker, an A-frame house, welcomes families and friends into its cosy corners, with a well-equipped kitchen and terrace topped with a hot tub. The Tawny Owl offers a sleek, minimalist aesthetic without sacrificing comfort, providing a refreshing contrast to the surrounding wilderness. Finally, the Buzzard is the grandest of the lodges, with its numerous terraces offering unparalleled views of the forest – a lavish retreat that evokes the grandeur of mountain huts.

The absence of Wi-Fi is a deliberate choice, reinforcing the Treelodge philosophy of immersion in the natural world. Each treehouse, complete with kitchen and bathroom, offers the highest standards of comfort and convenience within its wooden walls, encouraging guests to live fully in the moment, undistracted by the digital hum.

Within the grounds of Treelodge, a world of engagement awaits. The property is a microcosm of adventure and tranquillity, where guests can build fires, relax in hammocks or explore the adjacent woodland. From telling stories around the fire to enjoying the simple pleasures of outdoor cooking, Treelodge facilitates a return to the basics of enjoyment.

The surrounding areas of Retie and Kasterlee offer a kaleidoscope of activities. The proximity of cycling paths, river kayaking and walking trails make it an ideal outpost for exploring the rich outdoors. Cultural enthusiasts will enjoy the local festivals, especially Kasterlee’s famous pumpkin events that light up the autumn and winter seasons.

Treelodge is not just a place to stay – it’s an experience. It’s a commitment to simplicity, a celebration of nature and a journey back to the roots of leisure. Here, under the canopy of the Antwerp Kempen, guests find a rare opportunity to unplug, relax and discover the luxury of unhindered time in nature.

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Hoevendijk 27
Retie 2470 Vlaams Gewest BE
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