Module Treehouse System: The Caravan and The Small Cube

So you’ve been thinking for a while to make that childhood dream come true: get your very own treehouse (for yourself, and for your kids of course). But the very idea of getting your hand dirty and spending the next half year building it, cools you down a little bit. Maybe you don’t have the time, the know-how, the will, or even any idea of how that works.

Well, fear not, because there are a few alternatives out there to the good old Do-It-Yourself. It all depends on what you are looking for, the amenities you want to have in your treehouse, and also your budget. Companies like Baumquadrat, OJO, and Baumraum often deal with client request for treehouse prefab modules, and already have today an interesting product catalog of treehouse module systems.

The Caravan and The Small Cube Treehouses by Baumraum

The Small Cube and the Caravan treehouses offers with their simple geometry, everything that a treehouse needs: a bench and a sleeping-area, lots of light and a terrace. Period. With the help of the two stilts it is possible to build this treehouse close to small trees too. Because of their economic structure the Small Cube and the Caravan can be made on a smaller budget too.


Baumraum designs comfy spaces in your garden: on the ground, on water or high up in the treetops. They plan and install your special space for private or business use. Baumraum has developed flexibly configurable modules for its customers. More about Baumraum’s Module Systems.

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