Balangan Vintage Treehouse

Hidden on the South coast of Bali, Balangan Vintage Treehouse offers natural and unique accommodations in a grove of mango & cashew trees, just a short distance to Balangan white sand beach and its swaying coconut trees
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Nestled within the teak forests of Bali’s southern coast, the Balangan Vintage Treehouse offers an unparalleled escape, just a stone’s throw from the pristine Balangan Beach. Stretched over 2km, this white-sand paradise, flanked by swaying coconut trees and a serene atmosphere, guarantees an escape from the daily grind. For enthusiasts, the lagoon beckons with inviting snorkeling and swimming opportunities.

While Balangan Beach is a tranquil gem, the Balangan Vintage Treehouse is its crown jewel. Initially an untouched forested area, the innovative minds behind this haven transformed it into an eco-friendly resort, utilizing native construction techniques and reclaimed timber from aged Balinese ships. This commitment to eco-consciousness permeates its very essence. The architecture seamlessly incorporates the surrounding trees, with some structures even allowing trees to grow through walls, ensuring the environment remains unperturbed.

Step into any room within this treehouse, and you’re greeted by an immersive forest experience. It’s as if the lush outdoors have extended their embrace, with the main room giving the illusion of sleeping amidst the treetops. The facility spares no effort to bring nature closer to you – toilets come with mini terraces providing captivating tree views, and branches occasionally weave through the spaces, complemented by artfully vintage décor.

The resort’s on-site restaurant offers delectable cuisines, ensuring guests’ palates are as satiated as their souls. After a delightful meal, the pool awaits for a refreshing dive. With rates beginning at €100, inclusive of breakfast, there’s little reason to step out of this eco-luxury bubble. Ready to book this enchanting getaway? Do so through Airbnb.

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Home » Listings » Asia » Southeast Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Balangan Vintage Treehouse