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Built up in pine trees more than 1300 meters above sea level, the Omah Kayu treehouse resort provides a breathtaking view on the surrounding green mountains of Mount Banyak and the city of Batu lying around 400 meters below
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Perched amidst the verdant pine trees of Mount Banyak, the treehouses of Omah Kayu beckon visitors to experience a unique blend of simplicity and nature. Translated as ‘wooden house’ from the local Javanese dialect, Omah Kayu is true to its name, offering an authentic and rustic Indonesian escape, elevated over 1300 meters above sea level. As the city of Batu twinkles 400 meters below, guests are privy to panoramic vistas that promise to take one’s breath away.

Omah Kayu’s treehouses resonate with the spirit of traditional Indonesian abodes. With a modest footprint of around 7 square feet, these cozy shelters harbor just a double mattress complemented by pillows and a snug blanket. While electricity is available, modern distractions like WiFi and TV are conspicuously absent, nudging guests towards a more intimate communion with the captivating surroundings. Here, the mellifluous symphony of cicadas replaces nightly lullabies, and the elevated locale ensures minimal insect disturbances.

Beyond the wooden walls lies the tapestry of nature’s splendor. Majestic green mountains encircle the area, seamlessly transitioning into the dense forests below. Yet, it’s the bird’s-eye view of Batu, shimmering in the distance, that often captures the heart. It’s a tableau so mesmerizing that many travel to this vantage point just for a glimpse. However, to maintain guests’ privacy, casual visitors are restricted from photographing when the treehouses are occupied.

Affordability complements the authentic allure of Omah Kayu. With rates commencing at a mere €18 per night, these treehouses are perfect for couples in search of a tranquil retreat. The rate also encompasses a traditional Indonesian breakfast, allowing guests to commence their day with local flavors at the resort’s café. For more pragmatic needs, bathrooms are conveniently located within the primary resort building.

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Home » Listings » Asia » Southeast Asia » Indonesia » Omah Kayu Treehouses