Baumhaus Buchengrün

Baumhaus Buchengrün is a tranquil treehouse retreat that offers guests a unique connection with nature. Sustainable, eco-friendly living, combined with the luxury and rich biodiversity of the farm, provides a tranquil retreat for relaxation, reorientation and inspiration amidst the silence of the forest
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Nestled in the tranquil embrace of the forest, Baumhaus Buchengrün offers an escape from the daily grind, inviting guests to ascend into a realm of peace and clarity. Cradled by the canopy of mixed forest and surrounded by the natural bounty of a berry garden, meadow orchard, and chicken coop, this unique tree house is more than just a place to stay – it is an invitation to reconnect with nature and yourself.

The journey to tranquillity begins the moment you cross the footbridge into Buchengrün Arboretum. Here the passage of time is marked by the natural rhythms of sunrise and the melodious chorus of birdsong, offering a profound change from the structured pace of everyday life. The unspoiled forest provides a backdrop for moments of tranquillity, with walking paths, a small stream and places to pause and reflect.

Designed to harmonise with its surroundings, the architecture of the treehouse is both innovative and respectful of nature. Built largely from timber harvested from the property’s own forest and constructed by local craftsmen, the Baumhaus Buchengrün is a model of sustainability in every respect. Its insulation is made from wood wool and the structure itself is raised above the original forest floor to minimise environmental impact.

At the heart of the tree house is a cosy wood-burning stove that radiates warmth throughout the living, sleeping and kitchen areas. The large windows frame the ever-changing forest scenery, offering guests different perspectives of the natural world outside. The sleeping area opens onto a terrace that welcomes the morning sun, while a loft bed under a clear skylight offers a celestial view of the night sky.

Baumhaus Buchengrün’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its construction. The property uses spring water from its own well, generates its own electricity and the wood for the stove is sourced from the surrounding forest. These eco-conscious choices ensure a minimal footprint while providing a tranquil, luxurious experience.

The interior reflects a blend of comfort and elegance, with light-filled spaces, seating areas and beds for up to seven guests, all designed to maximise the connection with the outdoors.

As a ‘time-out’ farm, Baumhaus Buchengrün also offers a range of wellness and coaching experiences designed to promote stress relief, burnout prevention and a deeper engagement with farm life.

Beyond the boundaries of the tree house, the region’s lush landscapes invite guests to explore local lakes, village inns, the South Styrian Wine Route and the historic city of Graz. The farm itself, a haven of agricultural diversity, provides an insight into sustainable farming practices, from forestry to orchard care, ensuring that guests not only enjoy the fruits of the land, but also understand the cycle of care and stewardship that sustains it.

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