Criollo Panoramic Treehouse

Nestled in Limbus, Slovenia, Criollo Panoramic Treehouse is a luxurious haven for chocolate lovers, combining indulgent amenities with the tranquility of nature. Offering exclusive experiences from chocolate massages to gourmet dining, this treehouse is a sanctuary of relaxation and indulgence, all surrounded by the picturesque Drava River
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Nestled amidst the lush canopy of Limbus, Slovenia, the Criollo Panoramic Treehouse offers a sublime fusion of luxury and natural tranquillity, set against the soothing currents of the Drava River. This rare gem in Chocolate Village is not just a retreat; it’s a holistic, chocolate-inspired experience that indulges every sense.

The Criollo Treehouse, named after the finest variety of cocoa, is the epitome of elegance and comfort. Imagine waking up in a plush bed to panoramic views that blend seamlessly with the green tapestry of the forest – a sight that will enchant any visitor. The thoughtful design extends to a kitchenette for intimate meals, a cosy living and sleeping area and a modern bathroom, all climate-controlled for comfort with efficient heating and cooling systems. Each treehouse is a sanctuary with its own private terrace, offering a private slice of heaven amidst the canopy.

But the magic of Chocolate Village extends beyond these exquisite accommodations. Chocolate is celebrated in every aspect, from the chocolate-infused breakfast in the morning to the chocolate massages that melt away the stresses of the world. This chocolate-centric philosophy permeates every experience, including the culinary delights of Jack & Joe Restaurant, where a passion for chocolate is paired with fresh, local and delicious cuisine.

Adventure and relaxation come together at Chocolate Village. Guests revel in the serenity of the pool, sauna and spa treehouse, basking in blissful moments of solitude. The invigorating Chocolate Massage, a sensory journey, is more than a treatment; it’s an ode to the rich heritage of cocoa.

Reviews praise the attentive staff, impeccable service and well-tended sanctuary that is Chocolate Village. Relaxation is redefined with activities such as walking and cycling along the river and exclusive three-hour spa sessions. The local Teta Frida chocolate products capture the essence of this haven – a must for anyone venturing into this slice of paradise.

In addition to Criollo, Chocolate Village boasts Trinitario houses, complete with private Jacuzzis and fireplaces, and Forastero houses nestled in the hills by the river. Each offers a luxurious multi-level living space, panoramic windows and amenities that ensure comfort is always at hand.

The guest experience is enhanced with personal touches such as breakfast delivered to the doorstep and carefully curated spa amenities. Suggestions for improvement include a request for dedicated massage rooms and uninterrupted access to the sauna, reflecting Chocolate Village’s commitment to guest satisfaction.

Criollo Panoramic Treehouse is not just a holiday destination; it’s a catalyst for memories, a retreat designed to satisfy the desires of chocoholics and luxury seekers alike. It’s the promise of an experience forever etched in the hearts of those who visit.

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