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The Firefly Eco Lodge is definitely not for the faint-hearted, as when sleeping at the heights provided by these structures, guests will certainly feel a little bird-like. But those with a sense of adventure and a craving for the unusual are going to love it, and will never forget it
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Bali has long captured the imaginations of wanderers worldwide. But, within the island’s intricate tapestry of attractions, the Firefly Eco Lodge in Ubud offers a distinctive experience that redefines unconventional living.

Nestled amidst Bali’s cultural heart, Ubud, the lodge isn’t merely an accommodation; it’s an emotion. A stone’s throw away from the renowned Aura House and Bambu Indah treehouses, Firefly invites guests into an ethereal bamboo haven. The signature nests, poised delicately amidst lush greenery, challenge our perceptions of traditional dwellings. Towering above the ground, some reaching five meters in height, these bamboo masterpieces offer an intimate communion with nature.

Every element at the lodge is designed to magnify the organic connection between man and nature. The ascent to these nests is an adventure in itself. Guests traverse bamboo ladders – not the typical steps but elongated bamboo trunks carved into vertical pathways. Once inside, the nests unravel a universe of their own. With woven bamboo walls and floors that offer glimpses of the forest below, staying here feels like being cradled in nature’s lap.

But it’s not just about the elevated nests. The Firefly Eco Lodge is a symphony of experiences. Guests can expect occasional visits from the forest’s smaller inhabitants or perhaps find a curious cat seeking warmth beside them. Such raw, unfiltered encounters amplify the essence of what Firefly stands for: an authentic coexistence with nature.

Beyond the nests, the resort broadens its embrace. Communal spaces are carved out, each a haven for relaxation, interaction, and rejuvenation. Here, one can cleanse beneath open skies, dine amidst whispers of the wind, or simply unwind by tranquil water bodies. Every nook and cranny resonates with the ethos of sustainable living and Balinese artistry.

For travelers who wish to transcend the ordinary, the Firefly Eco Lodge promises an adventure, a retreat, and a revelation, all wrapped into one. Starting at just €10 a night, with optional breakfast add-ons, this experience is a steal. Reservations can be made via Airbnb.

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