Kilauea Volcano Treehouse

The incredible treehouse that stands at Kilauea Volcano is something of a celebrity in its own right, having been featured on many TV shows like The Ellen Show, Extreme Cribs, Treehouses of the World, as well as numerous holiday blogs and unusual accommodation reviews
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Acclaimed and celebrated, the treehouse nestled near the Kilauea Volcano has carved its niche not just amidst the lush canopy, but also in the annals of popular culture. Garnering spotlight on platforms like The Ellen Show and Extreme Cribs, its fame is as expansive as its sprawling branches.

Venturing towards this architectural marvel, visitors might note the occasional neighbor. Yet, once enveloped within its wooden embrace, a sense of singular serenity takes hold, as if the world has melted away, leaving only the whispers of the forest.

Enthroned amidst an ancient rainforest, the treehouse epitomizes secluded luxury. The old-growth terrain, though sparsely populated, resonates with a harmony unique to untouched nature. The treehouse’s construction embodies sustainability at its core, minimizing environmental footprints. Off-grid living finds its pinnacle here with features like compost toilets. But rest assured, luxury isn’t sacrificed. An inviting hot tub awaits to dispel any notions of crude living. And, as a gentle reminder of the abode’s organic essence, guests may occasionally find themselves sharing their stay with the forest’s tiniest denizens. It’s a raw, authentic experience, devoid of artificial sterility.

The journey to this haven is an adventure in itself. A meandering path leads guests through nature’s tapestry, culminating in a climb up a crafted ladder – no extra gear necessary! Inside, rustic elegance reigns supreme. Originality permeates every nook, cranny, and alcove. The interior is a symphony of relaxation and peace. Be it the plush seats, artful corners, or the spacious verandah, every space beckons guests to bask in nature’s embrace.

For those yearning for this celestial experience, rates begin at €400 per night, with a typical two-night minimum stay. Reservations can be made via Airbnb.

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Volcano Road 18-1350
Mountain View 96771 HI US
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Home » Listings » Americas » North America » Treehouse Hotels in the USA » Kilauea Volcano Treehouse