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Discover the enchanting Hobbit Tree House at Sebatu Sanctuary, Tegallalang. Immerse yourself in a unique, eco-friendly escape amidst Bali's lush landscapes. Enjoy breathtaking views, a natural swimming pool and adventurous days. Perfect for families seeking a magical retreat with sustainability at heart. Experience Bali like never before at this whimsical haven
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Nestled in the tranquil highlands of Tegallalang, The Hobbit Treehouse at Sebatu Sanctuary offers an idyllic escape that combines the whimsical charm of a fantasy novel with the serene beauty of Bali’s natural landscape. Owned by a couple committed to sustainable living and unforgettable experiences, this unique boutique eco-resort invites you to enter a world where the burdens of modern life fall away and adventure awaits at every turn.

As the sun rises, you’ll be greeted by a symphony of birdsong and perhaps the playful sight of monkeys in the treetops. The Hobbit Tree House, inspired by the popular Hobbit films, features iconic round doors that open to a cosy interior designed for both adventure seekers and those seeking peace. With a suspension bridge leading to a roof terrace, a bedroom loft perfect for children over seven and a queen-size swinging sofa on the ground floor, the treehouse promises a stay like no other. The semi-outdoor bathroom and arched windows overlook the forest and terraced rice fields, bringing the magic of Bali to your doorstep.

Start your day with a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel’s award-winning restaurant, which serves a mix of Balinese and Western cuisine. Opt for room service and enjoy your meal on the balcony or rooftop terrace overlooking the lush valley. Later in the day, take part in a water purification ceremony at Sebatu’s sacred springs or hike to a secluded waterfall for a romantic picnic. The sanctuary’s natural pool, a chemical-free oasis teeming with 300 fish, offers a refreshing swim with stunning forest views.

This eco-friendly haven doesn’t just promise a unique stay, it’s a commitment to sustainability, meeting Green Globe and Earth Check standards. While the Hobbit Treehouse eschews air conditioning in favour of a natural cooling system of breezes, a high quality ceiling fan and strategically placed windows, it maintains comfort and intimacy, embodying the essence of an eco-conscious retreat.

Designed for adventurers and nature lovers, the Hobbit Treehouse is ideal for two adults and one child. Its true treehouse charm, with a maximum height of 25 metres above ground level, ensures an unforgettable experience while emphasising safety and respect for the environment. With full access to the resort’s amenities, including the natural swimming pool and full-service restaurant, your stay will be a blend of excitement and tranquillity.

When you embrace the Hobbit Treehouse at Sebatu Sanctuary, you’re not just booking a holiday; you’re stepping into a story where Bali’s ancient rhythms, breathtaking vistas and spirit of adventure combine to create a tale you’ll remember forever.

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