Veluvana Treehouses

Discover the enchanting Veluvana Treehouses in Bali, where luxury and nature come together. Inspired by animals and crafted from bamboo, each unique stay offers breathtaking views, eco-friendly design and a deep connection with nature. Experience tranquillity and adventure in the heart of the lush landscapes of the Sidemen Valley
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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Veluvana Treehouses, where the mystical allure of Bali’s landscape is matched only by the innovative design and eco-luxury of its accommodations. Nestled in the cool embrace of the Sidemen Valley, with the majestic presence of Mount Agung in the distance, Veluvana offers an unparalleled retreat for those seeking tranquility, beauty and a deep connection with nature.

Each of the five unique tree houses – The Scorpion, The Owl, The Cobra, The Manta and The Octopus Aerie – draws inspiration from the animal kingdom, blending imaginative architecture with the open space concept to create a rejuvenating atmosphere.

Stargazer’s Retreat: The Scorpio Bamboo House is an intimate sanctuary for two, designed to reflect the constellation of Scorpio. A hidden pool beneath the bedroom and a floating breakfast experience invite moments of serene contemplation amidst nature’s soundtrack.

Nestled nirvana: The Owl Harmony offers a tranquil haven with sweeping views of verdant rice fields. Its expansive bamboo structure and thatched roof harmonise with the natural splendour of the Sidemen Valley, providing a peaceful escape in airy, open spaces.

Sky-high serenity: An architectural marvel, Cobra House can comfortably accommodate up to four guests. Two-storey decks and a private pool showcase the lush Balinese landscape, ensuring a stay of tranquillity and comfort for friends and family.

Manta Haven welcomes couples to a serene retreat inspired by the elegance of the manta ray. Its fluid design and open concept blends seamlessly with the outdoors, promising sun-kissed mornings and intimate moments amidst tropical beauty.

Elevated elegance: The Octopus Aerie offers a unique stay with its rooftop pool or Jacuzzi, tranquil bedroom settings and the rustic charm of bamboo. The play of light and shadow through the water creates a tranquil, luxurious ambience.

More than just accommodation, Veluvana Treehouses are a testament to Bali’s commitment to sustainability and architectural innovation. Crafted by talented Balinese artisans using locally sourced bamboo, each house stands as a beacon of eco-friendly luxury, designed with the global environmental crisis in mind. From the automatic staircase of the Scorpio to the sweeping curves of the Manta, every detail has been meticulously planned to reduce the carbon footprint while providing true comfort.

As night falls over the Sidemen hills, the gentle winds carry the symphony of water and cicadas into your bamboo sanctuary, setting the stage for a restful sleep. Veluvana is not just a stay, it’s an experience – a blend of adventure, relaxation and a deep connection with nature, making it a must for eco-conscious travellers seeking the extraordinary in Bali.

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